DataMan Systems

DataMan Systems
Director of Internet Marketing
1996 to 2008

Dataman Systems' Director of Internet Marketing.

As co-founder and Director of Internet Marketing, accountable for the continued growth of the company's Internet services, including custom design, programming and Internet marketing services for 12 years (approximately 30% per year).

Executive Accomplishments:

  • Managed all company advertising, sales and marketing initiatives resulting in increased sales for twelve years.
  • Created all client contracts, agreements, development surveys and site evaluations, enhancing the customer relationship and improving the development process.
  • Designed overall form and function of the company's content management system, making it easier to manage clients from site design and management to billing.

Regularly consulted with clients on successful web-based marketing initiatives, shared "best practices" advice for SEO strategies and successfully managed the day-to-day direction of up to 50 domains per month.

Sales accomplishments included successful lead generation that incorporated cold calling, networking events, seminars and guest speaking events as an Internet-based subject matter expert (SME).

Project Accomplishments:

  • Directed all Internet sales and marketing resulting in increased sales for 12 years.
  • Created all search engine optimization strategies resulting in increased SERPs for client sites.
  • Designed e-mail campaigns that increased viewership and conversions.
  • Wrote effective web copy for multiple websites for twelve years.
  • Designed graphics that resulted in first place awards for national organizations.
  • Hand coded CSS/XHTML for clients that enhanced natural search results and increased SERPs.
  • Designed CMS functionality, design and management resulting in reduced operating costs.
  • Won first place award from the Magazine Association of Georgia for best website in the 1,000,000+ distribution class.