Review Thomas Lacy's design skills.

A Good Design Starts with A Good Idea
My innovative ideas have been used to generate traffic, increase conversions and enhance website performance for sole proprietors, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. I won a first place award from the Magazine Association of Georgia for best website in the 1,000,000+ distribution class (for GA Magazine – the largest circulated magazine in the state) and the Spotlight on Excellence Award for Best Website from the National Marketing and Member Services Conference for Electric Membership Cooperatives.


Review Thomas Lacy's technology skills.

Technology Drives the Web
I designed an award winning content management system for DataMan Systems that allows clients to maintain their internet presence without the need of costly programmers or technical know-how. Because I can hand-code (X)HTML and CSS, I have an intimate understanding of what it takes to make a site successful in search engines… and to site visitors! I have managed a team of engineers responsible for the day-to-day operations of Visa's web applications and managed E-Commerce projects for Fortune 500 companies.


Review Thomas Lacy's marketing skills.

The Internet: Today's Most Powerful Marketing Tool
Through effective traffic-driving solutions, search engine optimization tactics and proven Internet marketing strategies, I help companies of all sizes reach their target audience. I have performed monthly seminars to groups of 60-80 small to mid-size companies regarding popular viral and sticky marketing practices. These successful seminars were designed to increase sales of custom CMS-driven websites as well as custom programming and design services for DataMan Systems.