Harland Clarke Corporation

Harland Clarke
E-Commerce Technology Manager
2008 to 2010

Harland Clarke's E-Commerce Technology Manager.

Manager who solved E-Commerce challenges that significantly increased sales, site visits and average order values through effective online marketing strategies. Accomplishments included the creation of e-retailing solutions that enhanced the user experience during the transaction process through effective web flow and e-commerce functionality. Creative implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices in XHTML structure increased SERPs for highly competitive keywords. Effective copywriting improved product awareness and enhanced the user experience.

Designed the user interface for CMS administrative functions and regularly consulted with IT staff regarding the user experience for customer-facing web pages. Provided team leadership and project management for all special projects and effectively managed the resources of 12 Internet professionals in both direct and in-direct teams for multiple projects.


  • Created requirements documentation for E-Commerce tasks that streamlined procedures for team members.
  • Created prototyping documentation for version control, including visual, functional and proof of principle modeling, to ensure expected results from specifications documentation were met successfully.
  • Designed custom web projects for the Financial Services department resulting in better site flow and usability.
  • Created visual comps detailing web flow and functionality for account executives to ensure expected results were met.
  • Wrote effective copy that improved the overall user experience for multiple web page functions and product descriptions.
  • Successfully managed B2B/B2C e-commerce product catalog with 60,000+ product SKUs.
  • Implemented SEO best practices for CMS templates (Fortune 500/1000 clients), resulting in increased SERP/site visits.
  • Effectively managed the resources of a team of 12 Internet professionals in five areas of E-Commerce development. Areas included graphic design, quality assurance, project management, development and web analytics (site reporting).
  • Designed functionality for two custom CMS tools (team lead on UX for front-end/back-end web flow) that streamlined the content management process, resulting in an increase in the amount of tasks that could be completed each week.
  • Led team on effort responsible for saving hundreds of production hours through streamlining content management procedures and the automation of web-based product options.

Harland Clarke Private Label Migration (PLM) Project

Single point of contact for all e-commerce related tasks for the Private Label Migration project. Accomplishments included managing migration of private label sites for Fortune 500 companies from multiple platforms into a single .NET platform.


  • Created CSS/XHTML used to enhance conversion and SEO efforts (higher code-to-text ratios, SERPs, etc).
  • Created jQuery/AJAX functionality that reduced page space and sped up product customization process.
  • Designed original comps and managed designers for new user interface design used for all private label clients.
  • Identified analytics needed for each site and created standards and procedures that streamlined processes for building and maintaining future sites.
  • Successfully managed migration from Domino platform to .Net platform for two sites generating approximately $30 million in annual sales without interrupting site service (effective needs/requirements assessment, resource management).