Skills Overview

Tom Lacy's skills include web and print design and deployment of marketing communications campaigns.

I am a nationally recognized designer and have extensive experience with customer communications, customer loyalty/employee retention programs and competitive Internet marketing strategies. I am known for bringing important issues to the clients I support with wit and humor.

I have an expert-level knowledge of SEO/SEM, have designed a state-of-the-art Content Management System, have an expert-level knowledge of CSS, (X)HTML XML/XSL(T) programming (I hand-code sites using text editors – no css/html programs), and an expert-level knowledge of Photoshop & Dreamweaver CS5, Web 2.0 practices, AJAX, ASP, JavaScript, DHTML and database design/management.

Specific Skills

I create effective copy and linking structure to optimize purpose and intent, optimize site content structure for maximum search engine results ranking (SERPs) and manage search engine marketing across differing search engine placement strategies (i.e. Yahoo!/MSN vs. Google practices). I have a thorough knowledge of SEO strategies, from effective organic placement strategies to PPC advertising campaigns. I have moved clients from total obscurity to first page SERP where the client's presence dominated first page results.

I have written copy for over 10 years. I am responsible for the overall web-based copy for several websites around the country, including Staples' checks and forms website. I assisted the technical writer for Checkmate Electronics' technical specifications and designed and managed the technical sheets for all products. I have written contracts, work orders, estimates and other official documentation from small businesses and sole-proprietors to global organizations, including Visa, Inc.

Website Design:
I have been responsible for the development of all HTML, CSS and Javascript coding for 50+ websites. I designed the functionality of all administrative pages for a custom content management system and regularly consulted clients on effective Internet practices. As the E-Commerce Technology Manager for Harland Clarke, I designed and developed B2B/B2C solutions for Fortune 500 companies.

Website Management:
I maintained as many as 50 websites for various clients. I have been responsible for the overall form and function of multiple sites, including daily content management, email campaigns, web-based training of content management systems and many other aspects of the client base. At DataMan Systems, I managed the creation of client email accounts and consulted with clients on the use of e-mail forwarding practices, auto-responders and address aliases. I was also responsible for web analytics for several websites and taught site owners how to use different web tracking software.

Graphic Design:
I have designed and developed websites for various companies in various industries for over 12 years. My website designs have garnered national acclaim and have won national awards. As a designer, I am responsible for the research and design of corporate websites, including site-wide design and architecture, banner ad development, email campaigns, logo development, brochures and business cards.

At Dataman Systems I was responsible for the sales cycle from client acquisition to close. I was responsible for hiring/recruitment of the DataMan Systems' outside sales force and the development of the company reseller program. I have created sales events and seminars for groups of small to mid-size companies where I discussed effective Internet marketing strategies. I was responsible for maintaining a steady growth of clients (approximately 30% per year) for twelve years.